Many buyers who put their projects on hiatus during containment have resumed their search since real estate resumed activities on May 11, no doubt with a certain sense of urgency. Homeowners have a vested interest in listing now if they want to take advantage of this busy time. Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Oakville will be really helpful. There are many different ways in which hiring a Real Estate Agent in Oakville to sell your property will be beneficial.

Real Estate Agent in Oakville

Online advertising: the best showcase

Searching for a property these days is done first and foremost on the Internet. All the information included in an advertisement allows the buyer to quickly check whether the property meets their needs and budget and therefore, to avoid unnecessary visits. An experienced real estate agent knows what information buyers look for to shortlist a property.

Ask the right questions

Once the advertisement is done, it is time for the buyer to contact the seller. Whether by a phone call, email, or video call, it is very important to validate all the information in the ad and more, by asking as many questions as possible of the owner. The buying process can begin now from the comfort of your living room. Involving a real estate agent in this process will ensure that you’re able to answer the questions of the buyer in the best possible manner. An experienced Real Estate Agent in Oakville already has an understanding of the kind of questions buyers ask and will be able to prepare you in advance.

Plan a virtual tour of the property

When the questions are clear and the property meets the buyer’s needs, a first virtual tour is a good idea. This way of visiting allows the owner to support his remarks by showing the buyer the arrangement of the rooms or certain non-observable elements. Real estate agents usually have the technology in place to conduct virtual tours. They can plan the tour systematically and ensure that none of the important aspects of your home are missed.

Negotiate the deal

Your real estate agent will help you negotiate a better deal with the buyer. According to a 2017 study, homes sold by owners themselves fetched about 30% less than agent-listed properties. Agents are trained to negotiate well. They know what normally works and what does not. Most Real Estate Agents have their own tried-and-true techniques. And, most importantly, Real Estate Agents have no emotional stake in the outcome that can cloud their judgment or thinking.

Handle the paper

Selling a house requires a lot of paperwork. Apart from the purchase agreement, there are many other federal, state, and local document requirements. A real estate agent is already familiar with these documents and will therefore be able to get the paperwork done in much less time. It will not only save you the trouble of running around getting the necessary documentation ready but also ensure that there are no omissions or mistakes in the paperwork.

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